Oriental Cuisine on the Global Plate: Evolution of Trends and Norms

Oriental Cuisine on the Global Plate: Evolution of Trends and Norms

Rise in Popularity of Asian Food Products

Asian food products are conquering global markets. Customers seek diversity in flavors and healthy options - sauces, spices, rice, teas, and tropical fruits are becoming increasingly desirable.

Health Awareness and Quality

Customers pay attention to quality and nutritional value. When importing products from Asia, it is crucial to meet health standards and provide organic products without artificial additives.

Sustainable Imports

The trend of sustainable development also includes imports from Asia. Customers prefer products from sustainable cultivation, with eco-friendly packaging - beneficial for both customers and the environment.

Safety Standards

Entrepreneurs must ensure that imported items meet international quality and safety standards, considering certifications and regular laboratory tests.

Import Procedures

Importing from Asia involves complex customs procedures. Entrepreneurs need to understand the requirements for customs procedures, import licenses, and sanitary standards.


Importing food products from Asia is a key trend. Customers seek flavor diversity and healthy options, and entrepreneurs should adapt to these requirements, ensuring balance, quality, and safety standards.