Poland in World Trade with China

Poland in World Trade with China

Global Trade: Chinese Dominance

In 2021, despite challenges caused by the pandemic and disruptions in global supply chains, China, as the world's second-largest economy, continued to develop its trade. Out of the 238 countries analyzed by the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC), trade decreased only in 29 cases compared to the previous year.

Chinese Trade Relations

The United States, maintaining its position as China's largest trading partner, saw a 28.7% increase in trade, reaching a value of $455.6 billion. China's trade surplus with the USA amounted to $396.6 billion. Japan ranked second, with a trade value of $371.4 billion and a Chinese deficit of $39.7 billion. South Korea ranked third, with a trade value of $362.3 billion and a Chinese deficit of $64.6 billion.

Europe and China

Germany, as China's largest trading partner in Europe, recorded trade worth over $235 billion, ranking sixth. Meanwhile, Poland ranked 29th in trade with China.

Polish-Chinese Relations

In 2021, trade between Poland and China increased by 35.7%, reaching a value of over $42.1 billion. China's exports to Poland increased by 36.9% to $36.6 billion, while imports from Poland to China increased by 28.3% to $5.5 billion. The bilateral trade balance indicates a Chinese surplus of over $31 billion.

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