Storage of goods

Due to the significant increase in the price of real estate and rent as well as the deficit of qualified employees on the market, warehouse logistics are becoming more and more problematic.

To fully support our customers, we not only supply goods, but also store them. We provide a wide range of warehouse outsourcing services. We rent modern, appropriately adapted spaces with comprehensive services. We take on all of the responsibilities related to the storage of goods, significantly relieving our customers. This solution is not only convenient, but also extremely profitable.

Our warehouses are equipped in accordance with all requirements, standards and regulations. They provide solutions that enable the safe storage of various types of goods. The services to be provided are entrusted to teams of qualified employees who use modern equipment and IT solutions. All spaces are guarded by a security company, as well as monitoring and alarm systems. At the same time, the customer has constant control over and access to the warehouse, and can check its condition or contact employees at any time.


Storing goods with Beoni Group means:


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