XPeng Introduces a New Era of Transportation: Flying Vehicle Makes First Live Flight

XPeng Introduces a New Era of Transportation: Flying Vehicle Makes First Live Flight

Chinese XPeng Unveils Flying Car

XPeng X2 Flying Car

Chinese company XPeng Aeroht surprised the world by presenting a prototype of a flying car during the Gitex Global event in Dubai. Although the test was brief, the manufacturer's promises are ambitious: they plan to bring it to market within five years.

XPeng X2: Future of Mobility

XPeng X2, dubbed the "flying car," is a vehicle based on four propellers capable of flying at a speed of two meters per second. Electric, with a range of 35 minutes and a maximum airspeed of 130 km/h, it heralds a revolution in transportation.

Hurdles on the Horizon

Despite promises, the short flight demonstration lasted only 90 seconds. The manufacturer claims the technology is ready, but legal regulations pose a barrier. Obtaining permission from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is a step forward, but XPeng faces a long road of negotiations with governments to change regulations.

Competition and Innovation

XPeng is not the only company working on flying cars. Other entities, such as Opener (BlackFly), SkyDrive Inc (SD-03), or Slovakian engineers from Klein Vision AirCar, are also experimenting with this technology. AirCar is gaining attention, allowing both flight and ground travel, but it requires a runway.

Path to Mass Production

The Slovakian AirCar has received a safety certificate, paving the way for production. XPeng and other companies face the challenge of adapting regulations to introduce flying vehicles to the market by 2025.

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