About us

Since 2010, we have been creating a consistently developing group of companies dealing with international trade, transport and logistics, warehousing, e-commerce sales, etc.

We currently operate on 4 continents, and we are constantly expanding our horizons. We work with suppliers of goods from all over the world. We have a database of proven contractors, but we also help to acquire new ones, first thoroughly verifying their credibility.

Wherever we are, we provide the highest quality services. However, we offer much more than just trade intermediation – we give our clients a real chance to develop. We are proud to use our experience to support small and medium-sized companies in realizing their full potential – this way, both sides gain tangible benefits. It's nice to watch us grow together.

We invite you to get acquainted with the entities that make up our group.



Beoni Group


Beoni is the leading activity of the group, dealing with international trade, maritime transport, air transport, as well as goods inspections.


Shipi Shop


Shipi is a brand dedicated to the e-commerce market, dealing with the sale of products by mail order.