Trust in our years of experience, extensive knowledge and proven solutions

Beni Group has specialized in international trade and logistics for many years. Customs clearance, regulations, formalities, and more – we’ve dealt with it all. We have a wide catalog of products and we cooperate with a wide array of different clients.


Professional service

We verify all contractorrs and perform quality controls and audits.


Trade on 4 continents

We work with entities from Asia, Australia, Africa and America.


Favorable rates

Our affordable prices help customers get their orders filled as cheaply as possible.


Reliable approach

We deal with all formalities, on time and in accordance with the regulations.


About us

Why us?


Since 2010, we have been building a continuously growing group of companies engaged in international trade, transportation and logistics, warehousing, e-commerce sales, and more.

Currently, we operate on four continents, constantly expanding the horizons of our capabilities. We collaborate with suppliers from various parts of the world. We have a database of trusted counterparts, and we also assist in acquiring new ones by thoroughly verifying their credibility.


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