Quality control and audits

Ensuring the quality of products imported from faraway corners of the world is always a big challenge. We are well aware of this, and we know how to help.

We provide comprehensive control and audit services in most countries around the world, and we will make sure that everything goes according to plan. We offer cargo inspection service in most countries of the world – with our support, you can be sure that any supplier will fill your order perfectly. Our specialists inspect goods to ensure they have been properly produced, packed and loaded. We also check their compliance with the specifications, and make sure that they are transported under the appropriate conditions, in a safe, recommended manner.


We carry out:

The inspections are carried out in accordance with AQL standards, and depending on the customer's requirements, take from one to several working days. After each inspection is completed, we send a detailed report to the customer.


We carry out not only product inspections, but also supplier audits.

We thoroughly check their credibility so that the client can obtain necessary assurance about the safety of any transactions to be conducted in the future. We verify the legality of a given entity, as well as its commercial history, current situation and bank accounts. We also inspect production lines, employees, offices, etc.

Depending on the location of the factories, offices and other sites, the audit takes an average of two working days. After the inspection, we send the client a detailed report including detailed documentation.